How to Embed A YouTube Video | 2015

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Published on Mar 15, 2013
How To Embed Youtube Videos | 2015
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1 month ago
thanks really helped me for a class presentation
Urdu health
3 month ago
dear sir i m in serious trouble please teach most trusted friend added his 5 channels in my related channels optios and i was not there and was preparing some refreshments for him . i asked him that y u did it but he could not satisfied me. since that time my no of views and growth in subscribers almost 80 % dropped i m a new and he is specialist in youtube and website developer. i jus watched that in my playlist formate there are some options ,one of the is embed and there is click in embed formate what does it mean ? let me guide what should i do ? please note that i do not have a website or a blog but my friend have both one. Best